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18" or 12" Flight Line Maintainer, Available in Male or Female and on Large Walnut base

9" Male or Female Maintenance Statues on Cherry and Black Bases

From L-R Bottom Row RFB121, RFB536, RFB800

From L-R Top RFB810, RFB820



From L-R Bottom Row RFB137, RFB113, RFB806

From L-R Top RFB805, RFB138


Resin Cast Piss Pot with Coin Holder

From Bottom L - R   RFB057 Dr, RFB104 Police,

Center- RFB058 Police,

Top L - R  RFB059 Fireman, RFB064 Fireman 

From Bottom L - R   RFB132 Sailor, RFB063 Military, RFB133 AF Pilot

Top L - R  RFB134 Army, RFB135 Marine

From L-R  Mil202, Mil204, Mil198


Bottom Left Mil203, Top L-R Mil200, Mil201


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